Nusantara Halid

Nusantara Halid Holdings (NH Holdings) is a private company that holds six functional areas of  business management in Indonesia.

Currently, we are in the process of improving our group balance sheet to reach the status to be ready for an IPO.


Be the best, the biggest, and trusted global company for preferred partners in leading innovation.


  • Listed in New York Stock Exchange in 2022
  • Managing Integrated Commercial Property areas in every major city all around the world
  • Take advantage of environmentally friendly mining and gas industries
  • To become one of the largest agricultural and aquaculture industries in Indonesia
  • Providing a Cryptocurrency platform for the best investment in the world

Strategic Goals

  • Our investment strategy is to be aggressive in asset creation through acquisition of cash cow businesses.
  • Global dynamics and technology will always transform rapidly, and it has been stressed recently with tremendous uncertainty. It triggers us to be tougher and at the same time to be super fast and adaptable.
  • Strengthen attractiveness and quality in every business unit.
  • Own a better portfolio periodically.
  • Maximize revenue and profit from every business unit.
  • To overcome business development challenges.
  • Provide a sense of synergy and mutual benefit to the community surrounding the business unit of the group company.
  • Optimize high-performing of both organisations and their personnel.