H.A.M. Nurdin Halid

Chairman / Founder
  • Revolutionary figure who thinks globally, has a true Indonesian spirit, and acts locally.
  • Works in the world he loves – cooperatives, football, and politics – always starts from the bottom to the top.
  • ‘Work smart, sincere, total, and loyal.’
  • Serves as Chairman of Dekopin and as Chairman of the Golkar Party.

Sofyan Markarma

President Director
  • He is a business magnet with quite a wide repertoire.
  • Strategic figure, bold mind, advisor, entrepreneur and an investor.
  • Quite Familiar in Business Social Media such as Linkedin.
  • Routinely posted Business Articles in OceanHub Platform Listed as trusted Contact by some Europe Financial Sector, and Registered as Business Partner of Kylla Transaction BV The Netherlands.

Subroto Santoso

Corporate Director
  • Graduated from a reputable university as Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management.
  • Experienced in Corporate Human Resource and General Affairs in multinational company.
  • 18 years experience in pulp & paper, agribusiness & food, shoes sport industry, manufacturing and palm oil plantations.
  • The commitment of always creating a good corporate image by promoting effective collaboration and logical integrity of thinking.


Finance Director
  • With a scholarship from Bank Indonesia, Mr. Harijon who is familiarly known as Had studied at the Indonesian Bankers Institute.
  • Has a career in finance for more than 25 years, and in various other fields ranging from the banking sector, multinational companies, the largest retail company in Indonesia, and the national cooking oil company.

Unggul Santoso

Human Capital Director
  • With a background in geological engineering, and working at an Oil Service Company.
  • Continued in a multinational consumer goods distribution company.

Dana Sundana

Planning & Risk Management Director
  • Graduated from College as Bachelor of Economics Management.
  • Experienced as a Consultant in Property Consultants for more than 20 years.
  • Member of MAPPI, has experience as an internal control in the largest oil and gas consulting company in Indonesia for almost 6 years.
  • 5 years of experience as a budget controller in a palm oil company.
  • Have knowledge and understanding as well as Financial Analysis to prepare, submit reports and company management information.

Edward Guustaaf

Information & Technology Director
  • Started his career in 2009 in the IT industry starting from trading hardware devices, to building security systems at POLRI HQ and at several POLDA in Indonesia.
  • Continued his experience of working in the development of RFID and blockchain technology in Indonesia for several Indonesian government and multinational projects.

Andi Nursyam Halid

Business Development Director
  • Bachelor of Industrial Science, Indonesian Islamic University, with 20 years experience in Energy Resources, Mining, Transportation, Wood Processing and the Wood Industry.
  • Currently as a founder of KITA International Indonesia, Business Development and Origination, Partnerships with the Zimbabwean Government & Institutions.